-VetSystems Whirlpool-

Whirlpool treatments are safe and extremely effective. By adding the mild to moderate pressure created by the 8 adjustable jets, the animals receive a comfortable massage, increasing blood flow, promoting endorphin release and general relaxation.

-VetSystems Lift-

Can be used independently or with the Whirlpool

Incorporating the VetSystems Lift with CUSTOM SLINGS provides complete and comfortable control not only while placing the animal into and out of the whirlpool but for other procedures as well.

-VetSystems Slings-


Can be used with our standard mobile floor lift as well as all overhead lifting systems. Each set of slings consists of:

  • (1) Small , Medium & Large Slings
  • (4) Small, Large Stainless Steel support bars
  • (4) Stainless Steel ā€œSā€ Hooks.


To keep your VetSystems 500 PRO Electrical Stimulation System running at top efficiency, we provide high quality. PROPER SIZED sticky pads (electrodes) for any treatment site on the patient.



It is not necessary to shave the animal in order to use the E-Stim protocols when not using the Whirlpool. Effective treatments can be easily accomplished if the patient has been through surgery and is already shaved or is being treated for any other indication. Simply soak the treatment area with water and rub ultrasound gel into the hair, then place the sticky pad on the area to be treated. You can hold the pads in place or use vet wrap during the treatment.

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