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VS WhirlPool


VS WhirlPool

-VetSystems Whirlpool-

Whirlpool treatments are safe and extremely effective. By adding the mild to moderate pressure created by the 8 adjustable jets, the animals receive a comfortable massage, increasing blood flow, promoting endorphin release and general relaxation.

-VetSystems Lift-

Can be used independently or with the Whirlpool

Incorporating the VetSystems Lift with CUSTOM SLINGS provides complete and comfortable control not only while placing the animal into and out of the whirlpool but for other procedures as well.

-VetSystems Slings-


Can be used with our standard mobile floor lift as well as all overhead lifting systems. Each set of slings consists of:

  • (1) Small , Medium & Large Slings
  • (4) Small, Large Stainless Steel support bars
  • (4) Stainless Steel “S” Hooks.


To keep your VetSystems 500 PRO Electrical Stimulation System running at top efficiency, we provide high quality. PROPER SIZED sticky pads (electrodes) for any treatment site on the patient.



It is not necessary to shave the animal in order to use the E-Stim protocols when not using the Whirlpool. Effective treatments can be easily accomplished if the patient has been through surgery and is already shaved or is being treated for any other indication. Simply soak the treatment area with water and rub ultrasound gel into the hair, then place the sticky pad on the area to be treated. You can hold the pads in place or use vet wrap during the treatment.

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-VetSystems Whirlpool Hydro-Therapy-

Aquatic Bioelectric Therapy is a state of the art treatment combining the benefits of VetSystems Whirlpool Hydrotherapy and the Pain Management Benefits of Electrical Stimulation Therapy combined into one time saving treatment.  This represents an exciting new avenue for providing pain relief and shortened recovery times for a variety of conditions.  Since incorporating aquatic bioelectric therapy into our regimen, we've seen dramatic results as early as the first treatment.

-Candidates for this type of treatment include but not limited to those-

  • Recovering from Orthopedic surgery: Patella, Femur, Stifles, Scapula etc
  • Acute injury : Sprains, Tears, Muscle Fatique
  • Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Any type Chronic Pain

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-Electrical Stimulation-

Electrical stimulation has been used safely for many decades to help manage pain, relieve muscle spasms, increase range-of-motion, prevent muscle disuse atrophy, increase circulation and re-educate muscles. Gentle electrical stimulation is transmitted through electrode pads placed at or near the affected area to stimulate nerves, which creates muscle contractions and a release of the body's own pain-relieving biochemicals. Electrical stimulation is generally considered to be painless and is well tolerated by most patients.

-The Omnistim® 500 Pro-

A versatile multi-modality electrical stimulation system offering a broad spectrum of therapy options including Full-field Interferential Current (IFC), Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) and Continuous Medium Frequency Nerve Block for effective management of chronic-intractable pain and/or acute post-traumatic pain. The system’s Medium Frequency Alternating Current (MFAC), Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) and Low Voltage Pulsed Current (LVPC) waveforms support neuromuscular re-education and treatment of muscle disuse atrophy. High Voltage Pulsed Current (HVPC) is used for reduction of chronic-intractable pain and/or acute, post-traumatic pain and to increase circulation for tissue healing applications. The Omnistim® 500 Pro also features a protocol-use recording function, a built-in lead wire/output tester and evidence-based, "condition-driven" operational protocols for ease-of-use and therapist efficiency.

-Therapeutic Ultrasound-

Therapeutic Ultrasound has been used by physical therapists for many years. This therapy device creates high frequency sound waves beyond the range of human hearing. The vibration caused by these sound waves when applied to soft tissues, muscles and tendons can create a heating effect to help reduce pain, increase blood flow, increase the extensibility of collagen tissues, decrease joint stiffness and contractures, reduce muscle spasms, and decrease chronic inflammation associated with conditions such as Bursitis and Tendonitis.  By varying the frequency of these vibrations, the depth and the amount of heat generated can be controlled for "thermal" (continuous mode) or "sub-thermal" (pulsed mode) applications depending on the condition being treated. Ultrasound may be used to assist in the treatment of conditions such as tendonitis, muscle spasms, joint stiffness, arthritis, contractures and to improve circulation in the treatment of slow healing wounds. Ultrasound is typically useful for smaller treatment sites and is applied using a round-headed applicator called a transducer that is placed over a transmission gel on the patient's skin. Ultrasound is generally considered painless and is well tolerated by most patients.  Under Water Ultrasound By administering treatment Ultrasound in the VetSystems Whirlpool, efficiency is increased, possible damage to tissue is reduced PLUS the patient is receiving hydrotherapy at the same time, resulting in a proven time saving protocol and decreasing recovery time.

-The ACP's Omnisound® 3000-

The most extensively researched ultrasound device available, and is supported by numerous research articles for superior outcomes and safety. The 3000 Pro offers evidence-based operational protocols and can be used in Pulsed or Continuous Modes for both thermal and sub-thermal applications. With its advanced uniform beam, the Omnisound® 3000 Pro offers the lowest Beam Non-uniformity Ratio (BNR) and Peak Area of Maximum Beam Non-uniformity Ratio (PAMBNR) in the industry for heating consistency and patient safety. In addition, the system's patented Delta T Temperature Dose Control Technology ensures reproducible dosage for treatment consistency and clinician efficiency. The system includes transducer mounted operational controls and 1 or 3 MHz power options for superior flexibility, efficiency and safety. The transducer comes with two different heads (2 & 5 cm) that rotate 360 degrees for more effective ultrasound application.

-Super Luminous Diode Therapy-

Infrared therapy uses infrared and visible light emitting super luminous diodes (SLD) embedded in flexible neoprene pads which are placed over the treatment area. Infrared therapy may be used to temporarily increase local circulation, relieve stiffness, promote relaxation of muscle tissue and provide temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain associated with a wide variety of conditions including arthritis, chronic pain, connective tissue dysfunction and neuropathy. Infrared therapy provides mild to moderate thermal effects and is well tolerated by patients. Electrical stimulation may be applied in conjunction with infrared therapy through a probe or using electrodes for pain management.

Electrical stimulation has been used safely for many decades to help manage pain, relieve muscle spasms, increase range-of-motion, prevention of disuse atrophy, increase circulation and re-educate muscles. Electrical stimulation is generally considered painless and is well tolerated by most patients.

-TENS/Muscle Stimulation-

All too often, pain management becomes a dreary routine involving prescription drugs, OTC painkillers or frequent visits to a physical therapist. It doesn't have to be that way. With the EMS 7500, pain management just got a whole lot easier. The EMS 7500 is designed to stimulate muscles for both pain relief and exercise purposes. It offers a great alternative to drug treatments or invasive pain-relief strategies. This unit is powered by an easy-to-find 9V battery, and its small size makes it very portable. Most importantly, the machine is very easy to use and helps extend professional electrotherapy treatments to the home. Simply apply the electrode pads in the affected area, select from three modes, and muscle stimulation begins. The EMS 7500 can be used to treat muscle soreness, muscle spasms, pain from damaged nerves and more. Everyday lower back pain can be easily managed at home, without medication, using the EMS 7500. This unit also works well for post-surgery soreness or pain. Muscle stimulation from the EMS 7500 can help rebuild muscle in atrophied areas. Whether for tired muscles or pain from a serious injury, the EMS 7500 can help stimulate muscles to relieve pain, all at a very affordable price tag.

The most sought after TENS/Muscle Stimulator for use in the Veterinary industry. VetSystems offers this pain management modality at an amazingly attractive price!

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