-VetSystems Whirlpool Hydro-Therapy-

Aquatic Bioelectric Therapy is a state of the art treatment combining the benefits of VetSystems Whirlpool Hydrotherapy and the Pain Management Benefits of Electrical Stimulation Therapy combined into one time saving treatment.  This represents an exciting new avenue for providing pain relief and shortened recovery times for a variety of conditions.  Since incorporating aquatic bioelectric therapy into our regimen, we've seen dramatic results as early as the first treatment.

-Candidates for this type of treatment include but not limited to those-

  • Recovering from Orthopedic surgery: Patella, Femur, Stifles, Scapula etc
  • Acute injury : Sprains, Tears, Muscle Fatique
  • Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Any type Chronic Pain

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