Small animal physical therapy is expanding at an enormous rate.  Vetsystems© offers world class, patented, state of the art technology that enables the veterinarian to enhance the quality of care and provide exceptional, effective treatments.

-Allow Your Practice To-

  • Provide NON-INVASIVE pain management rehab protocols using e-stimulation and ultrasound in the independently as well as INSIDE the VetSystems Whirlpool
  • Decrease post surgical HEALING TIME
  • Speed wound and bone HEALING by increasing blood flow
  • Control ACUTE and CHRONIC PAIN
  • Increase LIFE EXPECTANCY by reducing the need for certain Osteoarthritis drug treatments
  • Promote endorphin release and general relaxation through SOOTHING mild to moderate massage
  • Most of all increase RELATIONSHIP with your clients. Ultimately increasing your PROFITS

-And VetSystems Whirlpool Is-

EASY to operate with existing staff - VERY USER FRIENDLY

VetSystems Whirlpool is COMPLETELY MOVABLE

And Fits Through Any 36" Doorway (tilted)

-Systems in Place-

-Dr. Pam-

Sees this as a natural continuation of animal care.   "I see more and more owners viewing their pets as beloved family members. Often around here these animals also perform valuable services to the family - whether on the farm rounding up cattle or sheep, or as pointers and retrievers during hunting. These owners are not about to give up on years of training when the dog's lameness and pain is treatable with rehabilitation."

-Dr. Jenifer-

With her self contained x-ray, diagnostics and treatment vehicle, she has helped hundreds of patients and continues to be a very successful driving force in bringing canine pain management and rehabilitation to this fast growing segment of Veterinary Medicine.

-Dr. Jennell-

Uses our custom manufactured VetSystems Whirlpool in her Sports Vet Van  Providing cutting edge treatments “On The Go”... Contact VetSystems today and let us help you to step into the "Future of Canine Rehabilitation and Pain Management.."